About the Junior Board

The Touching Heart Junior Board is made up of four young people who commit their time and talent, becoming part of the Touching Heart Team, and helping us further our mission to inspire kids to have a giving heart.   

Once chosen, via our application process, our Junior Board members become part of a true working Board of Directors and will provide insight and help make decisions that will support and improve Touching Heart Programs. 

These challenging and rewarding leadership positions give our Junior Board Members unique real world experience and allow them to make a difference for children in need our community and around the world. 

The Junior Board has created an Audience Feedback Survey to improve their podcast for listeners, please take the survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/LfSKwP4WOwWAW7zG2

A Letter from the Junior Board President

Dear Touching Heart Community,

My name it Abby Cortez and I am a sophomore at Oakton High school. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to serve as Touching Heart’s Junior Board President. Touching Heart’s mission is to instill a sense of compassion in the young people of the world. They are a truly unique non-profit that teaches kids leadership skills and boosts confidence along with teaching them how incredible it feels to give back.

My journey with giving started when I was in fifth grade. I did a project for school under the theme “Sharing the World” and I worked with a charity that donated bikes to communities in Africa. Since then I have been looking for ways to continue to help a broader community. In the process of looking, I stumbled across Touching Heart.

I became involved in this organization after attending a ‘Meet the Junior Board’ event two years ago. Listening to my peers talk about their experiences with the charity inspired me to purse philanthropy with Touching Heart. I joined the club at my school right away through the Schools on a Mission program. This program helps teach groups of kids from first grade all the way through high school to learn about problems bigger than themselves. Younger students organize events like spirit dining nights to raise money for a cause of their own and high school students get to do case studies. It is a unique program in schools that teaches collaboration and working towards a common goal.

After becoming involved at school, I led a Kids on a Mission event of my own. Kids on a Mission is an inspiring program that allows participants to run a fundraising event of their own. They learn skills such as budgeting, leadership, professionalism, communication, and time management, all while benefiting a cause of their choice that they truly care about. Leaders can plan events based on their interests. It is a great opportunity for kids to experience real life applications for creativity and exciting ideas.

My position this year is as a member of the Junior Board, a newer program at Touching Heart. The kids that are part of this program become a group that helps to improve the organization. We get the chance to work with the Board of Directors and learn what is like to be a true board member. We give input on the programs the charity offers in order to ensure an incredible experience. All of these programs are tailored to teach kids what it means to give back. Working with Touching Heart is a unique experience that serves to make young citizens of our community better people. Through these programs, I have been able to make a difference as close to home as Loudoun County and as far as Africa.

Touching Heart is perfect for anyone looking to leave a mark on the world. If you are interested in any of these programs please email info@touchingheart.com. Touching Heart has inspired me so much and has made me the person I am today. This community and experience is amazing and I am grateful everyday that I found it.

-Abby Cortez

How Do I Join the Junior Board?

The application period for the Junior Board occurs in the summer, usually June-July.  Check back here for updates!

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