About the Junior Board

The Touching Heart Junior Board is made up of four young people who commit their time and talent, becoming part of the Touching Heart Team, and helping us further our mission to inspire kids to have a giving heart.   

Once chosen, via our application process, our Junior Board members become part of a true working Board of Directors and will provide insight and help make decisions that will support and improve Touching Heart Programs. 

These challenging and rewarding leadership positions give our Junior Board Members unique real world experience and allow them to make a difference for children in need our community and around the world. 

The Junior Board has created an Audience Feedback Survey to improve their podcast for listeners, please take the survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/LfSKwP4WOwWAW7zG2

A Letter from the Junior Board President

Dear Touching Heart Community,

My name is Haley Longfellow and I am a junior at Oakton High School. I am ecstatic and honored to be serving as President of the Junior Board this year.

I discovered Touching Heart when I joined one of the organization’s clubs at my middle school. I have always loved helping others and was completely wowed by this club. There I was, in a classroom of students in Virginia, making connections with the owner of a medical clinic in Uganda and packaging food for local shelters. I learned about the foster care system, took part in planning events, and wrote letters to children living much different lives than myself. It was astonishing that us kids were so heavily involved in the process of supporting worthy causes, ones we actually knew and understood. We weren’t just raising money for some unknown reason.

I decided to continue my involvement in Touching Heart by joining the Junior Board as a Schools on a Mission Specialist. I was given the opportunity to make an impact on Touching Heart’s school programs and help plan the Inaugural Gala, learning so much along the way. I also decided to start a club at my high school once I became a freshman. I have been leading it since, and it has been wonderful to see our group come together with a common interest to accomplish great things. For instance, we collected and fundraised for toys and books, turning the items into birthday packages for kids in foster care who might not normally be celebrated. We spread hunger awareness in our school, urging students to donate to its pantry.

I genuinely think Touching Heart is incredible. The experiences, real-life skills, and opportunities to contribute it offers are simply unparalleled. I find myself thinking about how lucky I am to have found an organization that allows kids like me to connect with people in need all over the world and take action to help them. It serves as a platform to do good. Everyone at Touching Heart is truly so kind and encouraging; they are eager to guide us kids in our charitable endeavors. Further, Touching Heart fosters the entrepreneurial spirit that many kids seem to have, allowing them to dream big. As a Junior Board member, I am even able to attend the Board of Directors meetings, review finances, and gain exposure to how a real charitable organization runs.

It seems crazy to me that I can be so young and be involved in all of this, yet it’s normal within the Touching Heart community. The organization’s primary focus is to give kids a way to help others, allowing them to learn new things and expand their worldview, and has done so time and time again. To anyone reading this, I strongly encourage you to get involved with Touching Heart! I am so grateful it has come into my life, and I am sure you will be, too!


Haley Longfellow

How Do I Join the Junior Board?

The application period for the Junior Board occurs in the summer, usually June-July.  Check back here for updates!