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We hope you are not only learning and feeling inspired, but also having tons of fun with your kit! Check out the Kindness Kit Connections below to further your Kindness Kit experience.

For more information or to get involved with Touching Heart check out our website at www.touchingheart.com or email info@touchingheart.com.    Also, visit our #kindnessneverstops page for some inspiration and to see what we have been up to during social distancing!

NFL legend and former Washington Redskin, Ken Harvey, welcomes you!

Gratitude through the eyes of a child.

Touching Heart Junior Board President, Haley Longfellow, speaks about spreading kindness through Touching Heart Clubs and the Junior Board.

Touching Heart’s Schools on a Mission Specialist, Zara Gill, speaks about the importance of positivity and our Schools on a Mission Program.

Former Junior Board President, Isabel Yi, speaks about compassion.

 Touching Heart Board Chairwoman, Kimmy Huggins, speaks about empathy.