Corporate Social Responsibility

Touching Heart is pleased to launch its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.  This initiative gives the corporations another mechanism to get involved and support Touching Heart’s mission and gives us another vehicle for fundraising.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a business strategy corporations have been engaging in for decades, recently gaining more attention and traction. It gives their employees, customers, the public and their shareholders insight into what charities and causes the corporation supports and how their dollars are being used to further the communities they reside in and service. In fact, involvement in a CSR program enhances the corporation’s image, boosts employee engagement, increases the charity’s funding via Matching Gift programs. Research shows that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from socially conscious companies.

Your sponsorships dollars, in addition to helping Touching Heart sustain its growth will especially help us to continue maturing our structured/organized curriculums for Kids on a Mission (KOAM) and Schools on a Mission (SOAM) programs. These programs inspire children in your lives to be compassionate leaders of tomorrow.  We will also be able to make the programs available to more and more children.

We have also learned that corporations can meet their CSR goals more successfully as well as sustain their CSR efforts if these activities become part of their company culture.  Our sponsorship benefits allow your employees and their families to participate in Touching Heart’s events organized by children for the children.  This participation takes place on an ongoing basis and is not just a onetime event. Thus, your CSR efforts with Touching Heart naturally spread into your company culture throughout the year. Touching Heart supports a wide variety of causes such as Education, Hunger Eradication, Orphanage/Foster Care, Child Nutrition/Health, Early Childhood, Water Sanitation Hygiene (International Only), and Homelessness; making it easier for you to meet, or further, your CSR objectives.

We can also help you with name recognition in the market and charity/philanthropy community.  Depending upon your sponsorship level, we will showcase your name at Touching Heart’s Premier “Joy of Giving Golf Tournament” sold out event attended by area executives.  Your company representative can also be a speaker at this event.

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative and becoming a Touching Heart CSR sponsor, please contact . We will be happy to meet and discuss CSR with you.

We have predefined sponsorship levels but we are happy to craft a program and branding specific to your giving goals and CSR objectives.