Roshni’s Leap Day Birthday Mission Posted May 11, 2016 by admin


IMG_8961Roshni Das is an eight year old who gets her birthday only once in 4 years. She is born on a leap day! This year she was inspired by Touching Heart’s ‘Kids on a Mission’ program and wanted to do something for the needy kids. She raised close to $900 which will be used to buy two air coolers in an orphanage in hot and humid India, and the rest of the money will be used for a school in a very poor school district in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The middle school children will get new lab equipments for their school. In her own words here is what Roshni has to say- “My older sister and ma-baba say my birthday is very special. I was born on a day that comes every four years. They all make me feel so special always. I played with hundreds of toys, I wore beautiful dresses in these eight years, I have my own room, my mom cooks whatever I wish to eat, my dad takes me to the movies and treats me like a princess. My sister and I get to play with tablets, phones, video games, bikes and many more things. Most of all I am surrounded with all the love in this world. It got me thinking, how can I make it special for kids just like me, but have a lot less than I have? I don’t need an extra toy, I don’t need another dress. All I need is your love and blessings and your contribution of that same money to an orphanage in India, which you were going to spend on my gift. YOU fulfilled my wish a, for me this is greatest gift of all. I have visited this orphanage myself, and my heart cried to see the children who can’t walk, some can’t see this beautiful world and most of them don’t know their parents, they have never celebrated a birthday. I wanted MY birthday to be THEIR birthday.
I want them to have two Air-Coolers in their halls where they live. As you know India is hot and humid, these children have little to no means to keep themselves cool and comfortable. I want them to have at least one basic necessity of life. I also want to help the middle school kids in a very poor school district in Michigan, by buying lab equipments and study materials for them. For this I needed your support to fulfill the mission. Touching Heart has given me this opportunity to do this under its ‘Kids on a Mission’ program. I love Touching Heart since it teaches kids to help other kids. My compassion for poor children has also grown due to the presence of Touching Heart in my life. I am so grateful that you helped me make their life special as you made my birthday special.Thank you for coming to my event and making it a special day for me. Thank you for your love and kindness, thank you for your big heart! I love you all!” See picture and video here.