Educating young hearts on the joy of giving

Touching Heart is on a mission to spread the joy of giving among youth. We believe it’s imperative to instill compassion and empathy in young people so that one day they will lead our city, state, nation and world with giving hearts.

Through Touching Heart’s signature program, Kids on a Mission, children and teens team up with a Touching Heart coach to plan and host a fundraising event to benefit the cause of their choice. Our young leaders develop practical skills like developing a budget and leading a team of volunteers all while raising money for kids in need. Learn MoreFun-Run-for-Web
Our Art of Giving Workshop is designed to educate kids of all ages about various social issues around the world from hunger to the need for clean water. We use fun and interactive learning techniques to engage their young minds. Touching Heart believes that by raising awareness of these issues at an early age, children can carry a desire to help others through adulthood. Learn MoreWeb-Photo