About the Junior Board

The Touching Heart Junior Board is made up of four young people who commit their time and talent, becoming part of the Touching Heart Team, and helping us further our mission to inspire kids to have a giving heart.   

Once chosen, via our application process, our Junior Board members become part of a true working Board of Directors and will provide insight and help make decisions that will support and improve Touching Heart Programs. 

These challenging and rewarding leadership positions give our Junior Board Members unique real world experience and allow them to make a difference for children in need our community and around the world. 

The Junior Board has created an Audience Feedback Survey to improve their podcast for listeners, please take the survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/LfSKwP4WOwWAW7zG2

A Letter from the Junior Board President

Dear Touching Heart Community,

My name is Isabel Yi and I am a freshman at Westfield High School. I have the honor of representing Touching Heart as this year’s Junior Board President. Touching Heart is truly an unique non-profit. They don’t just help others in need but also teach kids compassion and the joy of giving.

Ever since I was little, my mom, Helen Yi (one of the co-founders), was always teaching my siblings and me how to have compassion and how giving is the greatest joy you can receive. I vividly remember my mom showing us videos of Haiti after they had been affected by the earthquake. I remember seeing the brokenness and the lost faces of the people in the video. I went into my room and pulled out all my old clothes or clothes I wanted to donate. From that moment on giving was always apart of my life. My sister, Taylor Yi, and my mom started Touching Heart and this just boosted my want to give back.

Touching Heart has given me the opportunity to give back. Out of its many unique programs, our signature program is Kids on a Mission. This program allows kids to plan and carry out their own fundraiser to benefit others. We teaches kids budgeting, leadership, communication, and many other applicable life skills. Another program is Schools on a Mission which is an after school club in elementary, middle, and high schools. As the kids get older the program is altered to keep it engaging and fun for the kids. In elementary schools, they teach kids empathy and how blessed they are. In high school, kids are analyzing case studies and finding solutions to help people in need and they are carried out.

The newest program is the Junior Board. This board is a fully kid run board and helps better Touching Heart and it’s programs. The Junior Board makes decisions with our adult Board of Directors and gives feedback to Touching Heart. As someone who has participated in all of these programs, I can vouch that these are truly unique and all have the central mission of helping and inspiring kids.

Touching Heart has taught me so much about what’s beyond my backyard and gave me the opportunity to do something about it. We help you achieve your goals and walk you through all the steps. If you want to participate in one of these amazing programs, email info@touchingheart.com. Touching Heart has helped me change the world and you can, too!

-Isabel Yi

How Do I Join the Junior Board?

The application period for the Junior Board is open!  Click here for more information about Junior Board or to apply! http://touchingheart.com/3835-2/ . The deadline to apply is July 30th. 

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