Touching Heart started with a girl who wanted others to feel the great joy of giving that comes from helping people in need. Taylor Yi was turning 13 years old when she decided to ask her friends to donate to a local charity of their choice instead of giving her a birthday present. Her friends took part wholeheartedly: Some gave to an animal shelter, some to a homeless shelter, and some simply did something kind to honor the birthday wish. Taylor noticed that each of them enjoyed helping others.

That’s when she realized that she wanted to have an organization where kids can find out about the joy of giving. Touching Heart came to be.

Taylor began to share her story with others. Since then Touching Heart’s mission to instill kindness and compassion in children has struck a chord with kids and parents.

Taylor believes that everyone on Earth has a unique gift to make society better. The belief she had at 13 was the spark that turned into the fire that brought Touching Heart to life. It is our goal to cultivate a giving spirit in children and to empower them to be a force for good in the world.