About Our Founders

Helen-and-Taylor-Aboust-UsTouching Heart was founded by Helen Yi and her daughter, Taylor. They have worked on a variety of charity projects, and they both feel great joy when helping people in need. Eager to share the true happiness of giving, they started a non-profit organization in honor of Helen’s late grandmother, who set an example that has been a big influence in her life. Helen and Taylor believe that everyone has a giving heart and that the human spirit of giving and helping can unite people.
It’s an amazing feeling when you discover how to be a better person through helping others. This also brings a new found appreciation for all the blessings we have. Helen and Taylor realize how blessed they are and want to extend their blessings to children in need. They also want to inspire other children to experience the true joy of touching someone else’s heart.

Our Mission

about_us_ijmg2During a time when our nation’s children face the stark reality of intense bullying and in-school violence, Touching Heart is on a mission to fill their young hearts with love and compassion for one another. We believe that children can leave an imprint on the world in significant ways when they are taught just how impactful their thoughts and actions are. Touching Heart’s programs are focused on how to enlighten, excite, and educate children about how they can experience the true joy that comes from helping others in need. Young leaders have the unique opportunity to choose their own fundraising event, create a budget, solicit donations, organize volunteers and above all, experience the joy of giving!

Our Vision

about_us_ijmg3Touching Heart believes our children will shape the future of our world. That is why we aim to equip every child we encounter with the tools to be compassionate and loving leaders of tomorrow. Through our Kids on a Mission program and Art of Giving Workshop, youth of all ages learn about serious social issues and how they can make a difference by sacrificing their time and energy to help those living in less fortunate circumstances. Looking to the future, we hope to see a world of people who care for one another, are willing to sacrifice for the greater good and teach their children the importance of turning their compassion into action!